An awareness of a fragment of everyday life.

It is in these terms that 'siwone' sums up his remarks. By relying on the Japanese concept of one mile wear, the brand aspires to create a new path.

An ode to softness and slowness, Siwone offers a “life-style wear” wardrobe that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor clothing, designed in natural materials, with eco-responsibility in mind and in shades light. Between the first name Simone, one of the most French, and the first name Siwon, one of the most Korean, the stylist, Siwon, brings together these two cultures which inhabit and inspire her.

Siwon studied at the ESMOD Paris school then gained experience in different houses like Olympia le Tan. At the same time, she develops her universe through illustration under the name “duh unn”.



Hall Couture-siwone

27 Av. Daumesnil, 75012

Paris, FR

+33 7 81 41 28 80


Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00